The future

One of the great challenges leaders have today is embracing new technologies in their ways of working. The latest developments could save them time and money if used correctly yet how many leaders fully understand the potential that lies within the latest offerings that are available today?

In practical terms there are applications available that can track exactly where a vehicle is. Instead of using this tool to micro manage a team member why does the leader not use it as a coaching tool on territory management? It would be an easy thing at the end of the week to show a team member their travel plan and how they could have been more efficient in their time management. There are also amazing data analysis tools available that could dissect your data into meaningful actions. It is quite clear that Facebook is using an analytic tool to determine what advert you see as the closer it gets to know your wants, the more hits their advertisers will get, the more money they will make. When does your customer purchase your offering from you? is it consistent or inconsistent? Is there anything you can preempt? What about the calls that come into your office? How are you controlling them? How are you making the experience a better one? How are you using technology in this aspect?

Companies always complain about communication and how they struggle to get everyone to read important emails or complete important surveys. Surely this can be enhanced as well through a fantastic app? The cost needn’t be exorbitant however it would be easy to offset the cost against future savings/ earnings.

The key is that in your organisation right now you can get your greatest asset to help you find these initiatives. ¬†You don’t have to hire an external consultant to do it for you, just set your team to work and give them an incentive to find the best ideas that your company could implement.

Do not be like an ostrich that puts it’s head in the sand, be the leader of the pack and use anything and everything that will make your organisation a better one.

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