Where does an 18 to 24-year-old go to get experience on how to effectively manage their money?

There are thousands of financial books that teach principles about money. This one is different, as it tells the story about four different people, and how their lives turn out because of the decisions they have made about their money. Money and how to use it wisely will be a core part of anyone’s existence, yet sadly the system we live in results in us only learning about it, when we start earning money and making mistakes with the use of it. This book addresses this gap by giving the reader the opportunity to experience first-hand the mental anguish faced when a person has financial challenges. It also shares success stories and the great decisions that were made that contributed to that success. Through the stories a person will learn the reality of what so many people face today due to the financial choices that they have made.

The stories allow those just starting out in the world of work the opportunity to improve their own financial literacy, by going through real-life scenarios in a safe environment, thus avoiding the process of having to make their own mistakes. They will learn that finances have an impact on their own emotional well-being and like the ‘Butterfly Effect’ how any decision, no matter how small, can change the life they have in the future.

Steven Jacobs has over thirty years of experience in the financial sector, having worked for some of the largest global banks, including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays. In his personal capacity, he has delivered lectures on improving personal financial health, many of which have been captured in ‘The Butterfly Effect of Money.’ He is the published author of ‘The New Manager: How to Become a Leader in 52 simple steps,’ which was voted as one of the top six business books in 2016 by Ian Mann (MD at Gateways Business Consultants) in South Africa.

Praise for the book

“A most enjoyable book that teaches financial lessons through the lenses of common day challenges and people – it makes sense and is relevant to everybody – no matter what your financial circumstance!”
Jean-Jacques Oelofse, President, Emerging Markets, Wood-Mizer

“Most people are fearful of the daunting subject of personal financial management. These stories unbundle the complexity which if followed will create long-term financial and emotional freedom.”
Stuart Loxton, Chief Executive, Superyacht Training Academy

“The Butterfly Effect is a must-read book for young adults and everyone struggling with personal financial management. I literally couldn’t put it down until I completed it.”
Kantu Achira, Head, Bancassurance and Wealth Management propositions, Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana & Côte d’Ivoire

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