It is very easy to get caught up with so many things that you end up doing very little at all. This type of productivity will keep you in a mediocre state. A state in which you attain a level of success but never to reach the heights that you are capable of.

In order to have a great year as a doer it is imperative that you focus on one thing at a time and get that job done to the best of your ability. Dabbling will not help. How you choose what to focus on is entirely up to you. As a rule I would suggest that you start with the thing that is the most critical/ valuable and then from that position work your way down until you reach the least valuable/ critical.

Make sure that you do not get distracted as this will slow you down and render you ineffective. Turn the cellphone to silent,get in a quite place (if possible) and get the job done. There are numerous examples of people focusing on something to become the best at what they do so there is no need for me to explain the benefit in practical terms, logic itself does that.

May 2017 be the year that your focus takes you to the heights you could only dream of.

God bless


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