Make the right choices today!

Today and every day that follows you will have the responsibility to make the right choices. It all starts when you wake up. Should I stay in bed a little longer or should I get up now? Then it comes to what you do when you get up. Should I look at my phone and read posts on Facebook or should I go have a shower and get ready for work? What should I eat for breakfast? What should I drink? What should I read? How should I drive when going to work? What route should I take? Do I speed or go at the speed limit?

When yochoicesu get to work you are confronted with even more choices. Should I spend time talking to that person as the conversation is always fun? Should I get a coffee? Should I read my emails? Should I call some clients? What can I postpone for later? Where am I going to for lunch? What web pages should I look at? What should I eat? Who should I talk to?

The choices are all around us and in most cases we are totally oblivious to the fact that we even had a choice. The consequence of the choices we make could be devastating. We could be arriving late to work as a result of spending too much time on social media or sleeping too long. We could end up with a speeding ticket. Emails could be neglected and pile up as a result of wrong choices. Our physical bodies could become unhealthy as a result of choosing to eat the wrong types of food. If you find yourself in a place that you certainly do not want to be in just recheck the choices you made as it could quite easily be the consequence of those decisions.

The good news is that in the same way if you want to turn your life around start by making the right choices. Discipline your body by asking “is this a wise decision?” If it is then act on it. Initially it will be very difficult to do as your body will be in COMPLETE REBELLION to the choices you are making. No one finds making great decisions easy. The body wants you to feed it junk, it wants to have a social when it should be working, it wants to sleep later and it certainly does not want to go for a run.

Wise leaders make wise decisions with the greatest a resource that is forever depleting itself…..their TIME.


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