Indie author vs Publisher

In 2016 I had my very first book published by Penguin Books, my book was called The New Manager – How to Become a Leader in 52 simple steps. I was super excited to see my books on bookshelves in South Africa. Globally it was only available as an ebook.

7 years later I have my second book finished and had to make a difficult decision, do I look for a publisher or become an Indie author? The advantage of being an indie author is scale. With the rise of print-on-demand, there is no limitation as to where your book can be sold. In 2016 if someone wanted my book in the UK it would need to be shipped here from South Africa. Whereas right now if someone in Canada wanted my new book they could order it online and it would be printed in Canada for them. It’s incredible.

The only disappointment is that somehow Europe, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, India, America, and Canada all have this capability yet Africa is sadly missing. But I am convinced that there must be some future plan to capture this opportunity as well. I have made the conscious decision to go the indie route this time around and am excited to see how this book does in relation to my first one.  Ingram Sparks and Amazon have created a massive opportunity for authors by thinking differently when it comes to the printing of books.

My new book is called The Butterfly Effect Of Money – Why Decisions You Make About Your Money Matter. It is focussed on a subject I am really passionate about and that is equipping young ones with the skills they need to navigate through the financial web that lies ahead of them.