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Why do companies undervalue those that are not climbing the corporate ladder?


In every company their greatest asset is certainly their people, yet somehow I feel that the quest to get everyone climbing up the corporate ladder is totally undervaluing those that don’t.

What is wrong with our thinking? The team player that loves their job and faithfully does it year in year out adds immense stability and value to the organization.. don’t they? Just yesterday I had a top client telling me how much they appreciated a particular person who had managed their relationship for years. In fact they said that the costs they pay are irrelevant as long as they had this person. Yet now the individual has moved on and they are longing for the same experience.

By way of observation it is easy to see that there are more non leaders than leaders in organizations. In fact when there are more leaders than non-leaders a company needs to retrench as the leaders become obsolete. Why are organizations sowing so much discontentment into their teams? So many motivational speakers are reaping the unintended consequence. Yes they are trying to make people positive and motivated however when this is hinged on a promotion it does the complete opposite. What are we actually saying? Are we saying that to be successful we have to be progressing up the ladder? How will that make the faithful employee feel who absolutely loved their job and now feels second rate as they have had the same job for ten years?

It’s painfully obvious that every company big or small needs every job filled with the right people and when people leave it costs them. It is equally obvious that every person has different drivers (even Maslow taught that). So what should the message be….. Enjoy what you are doing, excel at it and let us empower you to do the best damn job you can do. If you have a desire to lead let us develop you, if you have a desire to become the expert in your present role let us empower you. Let us reward loyalty with gratitude and acceptance.

May all that read this consider carefully what messages they are sending.. We fight discrimination; we fight people that put others down. Yet how many of our messages show that we appreciate all and value all irrespective of position?

Today I walked into a clean office, did that happen by itself? The cleaner is needed as much as the CEO, both have a purpose in the organization.

May we value all and encourage all in their chosen path.