In the new year how much time are you going to give yourself to be silent?

It is very easy to get busy doing stuff and to fill your time. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching a movie that I had seen before when half way through the film I suddenly stopped watching and thought to myself,”what are you doing?”. I mean I have seen this film before so there was no need to see it again. It was simply stealing time from me that could be better spent. So I went to bed and had an excellent sleep instead.

What does this have to do about being silent? Everything really as I realized today that if I stepped back and thought about things more clearly I would have been able to prevent such time wastage. Some of you reading this may say to relax and watch a film is a good thing as we need to relax and I would agree. However what is better? To relax and watch a film or to sit back and spend time in silence thinking about things. To meditate on your options and select the most productive or urgent one. How many of us loose time because we haven’t thought things out properly.

Preparation for your week cant happen when it has already started it should have been done before the week started. Also when you think more you will put yourself in a better position to make the right decisions. How many are watching films when what their body really needs is sleep? How many are watching films when they should be exercising. It need not be a film that is wasting your time it could also be spending time on social media that is wasting your time.

I honestly believe that in our world today more time is wasted looking at screens than ever before and we don’t spend enough time having a time out to meditate and plan what needs to be done.

May you have a silent week

God bless


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