The impact of the selfless leader

“You are the sum total of your thoughts about yourself”, “You can achieve your dreams”, “Dream big dreams”, “You can achieve anything you set your heart to do”, “Network with the right people”, “Promote yourself”

There are so many of these statements flying around at the moment and the core focus is on the individual, on YOU. The underlying principles of these statements are true in that a person that has self confidence, works at their dreams and does not cower away in fear will have to a certain degree some success.

The problem is that leadership has very little to do with what a leader can get out of the team for themselves but everything to do with what the leader can do for the individuals in the team to get the best out of the team for the team. The leader that sacrifices self for the team is the leader that will promote individuals in the team, will try and highlight the team members they lead to others to ensure they grow. Will spend countless hours coaching, motivating and nurturing the team members with the sole purpose of helping them to become the best they can be.

If I were to offer you two types of leaders, the one is egotistical and full of self interest and the other was selfless and committed to help you to grow. Which would you choose?

The statements leaders should cling to should be “Help your team have the right thoughts about themselves as that is what they will become”, “Help your team achieve their dreams”, “Lead your team in such a way that they dream big dreams”, “Help your team achieve anything they set their hearts to do”, “Expose your team to the right people”, “Promote your team”.

A leader can have internal desires to become someone great, however until their desire to develop their team exceeds their desire to develop themselves they will miss the opportunity of achieving the heights of the sacrificial leader.

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