2nd hand information

This is a massive challenge that we are facing today. How much information is second hand? What I mean by this is that we hear something from someone who heard something instead of hearing it from them ourselves.

As a child I remember the broken telephone games we use to play. It starts off with someone whispering a sentence into someones ear and that person whispering the same sentence until the last person hears the sentence. They then share the sentence with the entire class and everyone bursts into laughter due to the massive change that has taken place. Key things get lost, people misquote, the understanding is somehow changed.

If you are a leader today please ensure that you hear the information first hand. Don’t rely on someone telling you what someone else said, make sure you check with the source and ensure the information is accurate. Many a leader has made an incorrect decision based on incorrect information.

May you commit to get the information first hand.


God bless


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