Be a Visible Leader 52

Leadership is effective when a leader spends time with those they lead. Reflect on all the great leaders that have led you. Why were they great? How much time did they spend with you?
Now reflect on all those leaders that were your leader but never spent any time with you. Are they in the “great list”? It is highly unlikely as what did they actually do for you? If you claim “I am self-managed” then it is true, you actually need no leader. However this statement borders on arrogance.

How can a person improve their effectiveness if they only have themselves to rely on? Surely their ideas will eventually become saturated? A great leader will spend time even with those that seem to be “self-managed” and encourage and inspire them to greater heights. The leader may plant a seed that could produce a hundredfold, yet if they never spend time with you how can any seed be planted?

A visible leader is far more effective than an invisible leader and logic alone proves this to be true. Today may you change your ways and stop looking at emails, decline some internal meetings and rather spend your day with a team member. This is where change begins……

God bless

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