Happy days

God is so good and I am so grateful to Him for all He has done for my family and I. We are very blessed to have such beautiful children and such an amazing life in Him. The spiritual wellness of our home has certainly been a gift from Him. I honestly feel that in Him we have managed to do so much more than if we had gone it alone. In life it is so easy to get caught up in the challenges that we forget to look at the BIG picture.

It is so wonderful that the sun does its circuit around the earth again and again as well as the moon, giving us spectacular sunsets and sunrises. It’s a gift that we freely enjoy. It is wonderful to be loved and to give love. I certainly hope that today you are dazzled by something beautiful that you have not noticed before. I certainly hope that you allow yourself the luxury of setting aside all your challenges (don’t worry you can easily pick them up again) and for a moment meditate on something that will encourage you, look at the trees, the grass, the skies, the stars, look at something bigger than yourself, enjoy the view, call a friend, hug someone. Give yourself permission to ignore the news. Give yourself permission to run and laugh.

If you have lost someone dear to you give yourself permission to cry until there are no tears left, meditate on all those wonderful moments you had together. Give yourself permission to run again knowing that no matter whether you laugh again or enjoy yourself it in no way diminishes the fact that the one you loved will always be with you wherever you go, deep inside your heart.

Life is full of surprises, surprise yourself today, may it be full of laughter and love.

God bless


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